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PCTs are engaging local people in health improvement activities.

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Clinical Audit Patient Panel
Sheffield South West PCT had a CHI Governance Review in June 2003 and one of the areas highlighted for improvement, was involving patients in how primary care trust services are delivered. This particular aspect seems to appear frequently in the CHI review for all Trusts. To date, very few audits have involved patients and most of thse have had only token patient input. The panel will advise, support and improve clinical audit activity within the trust and it will enable service user's and carer's perspectives to be included in evaluating quality and to identify opportunities for improvement.Members can be actively involved in all phases of the project from initiation to completion.

It is essential that all panel members have a basic knowledge and understanding of clinical audit and therefore, clinical audit training was given on how audits are done, why they are done and what audit can achieve if done properly.Panel members were informed and continually reminded of their responsibilities regarding confidentiality and, if enrolling to be part of the panel, each member signed a confidentiality agreement.Once members have received training and signed to be part of the panel they are then available to the organisation to assist in developing and improving services through clinical audit and questionnaires.

We currently have 8 members on the panel working with our services on both local and national audit projects.

Involving patients in clinical audit will help the trust take forward patient-driven services and to do this effectively we have taken the first steps in giving patients a real opportunity to help us rather than what has often been a mere token.

Emma Challans, Clinical Effectiveness Manager, Sheffield South West PCT

Entry added: 19 Oct 04

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