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Delivering chemotherapy at home
Hambleton and Richmondshire PCT is running a pilot project delivering chemotherapy at home to patients who are having adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer using Flurouricil (5FU) and folinic acid. This regime involves the administration of one treatment a week for a period of 30 weeks. The first 4 weeks of treatment is given in the local cancer unit and thereafter patients can opt to have their treatment at home using a private company called healthcare at home. We have just completed the evaluation following 8 patients. Data collection has involved self administered questionnaires focusing on satisfaction, quality and use of services, toxicity scores in addition semi structured interviews following the completion of treatment. All patients opted to have home treatment citing convenience, less travelling, continuity of care and feeling more relaxed in their own environment.

This project, albeit small demonstrates that chemotherapy can be delivered in the home environment and shows collaboration between the NHS and private organisations. Furthermore patient preference and patient choice demonstrates that chemotherapy in the home setting is a realistic and preferable alternative to the traditional mode of administration in the hospital setting.

"Hambleton and Richmondshire PCT and PEC is absolutely committed to this development which we see as fulfilling one of our key objectives which is to provide care closer to home for our patients. In a rural area such as this this is a crucial part of improving access."
Vicky Pleydell, PEC Chair

Chris Ward
Nurse Consultant for Adult Palliative Care Hambleton and Richmondshire Primary Care Trust Front Offices First Floor Rutson Hospital Northallerton
Tel: 01609 763915

Entry added: 13 Jan 05

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