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WELCOME TO Practitioners with Special Interests

April 2005:

Implementing a Scheme for Practice Managers with Special Interests

Overview of PwSI work

PwSI Document Map


Developing Practitioners with Special Interest (PwSI) Services: Managing the Risks

Useful documents

Share good practice

Useful articles

Department of Health PwSI pages

Who's Who in the PwSI Team

Genetics Page

Share good practice

Useful Contacts

If you have implemented PwSI services in your area, please let us know!

Please expand on the following questions and e-mail the details of the service you offer to Stephen Ryan:

  • Give a brief overview of the service and how you went about it
  • Who is involved and their contact details
  • What type of service is it (e.g. what's undertaken, how many sessions)
  • Information about how the service is funded
  • Job descriptions / competencies
  • Any evaluation activity e.g. numbers seen, effect on waiting lists, satisfaction
  • Additional information that you feel would be of interest to others thinking of implementing the PwSI model
  • Is the service identified in the LDP?
  • Are those services that have been identified for redesign linked to the NHS plan?
  • Is there a real need for this service to be developed locally?
  • Do you already have clinicians on the ground to run this service?
  • Can this service be delivered by another health professional ie Nurse, Physio etc?
  • Can you look at a team approach (TwSI around CDM)?
  • Can a GPwSI work across a number of practices as well as PCTs i.e. a whole community approach?

Stephen Ryan - PwSI Development Lead
07887 718391

For more contact details for the PwSI team please refer to the Who's Who in the PwSI Team pag

Useful Articles

Database of Practitioners with a Special Interest

The searchable database of Practitioners with a Special Interest has now been removed from the NatPaCT website. The database was originally compiled in 2002, based on returns from Primary Care Trusts. It has unfortunately not been possible to validate that information or repeat the exercise to ensure that the database is accurate and up-to-date. Users of the database may well have noted that the contacts and scheme details were increasingly inaccurate, and it was felt that the database has now reached the point where it has outlived its usefulness. It has therefore been withdrawn

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