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Kent and Medway Learning Network

NatPaCT is pleased to open this web space up to Kent and Medway Learning Network, so that its members can begin to share their progress with each other - and with other PCTs.

The Network was being launched 29th and 30th January 2004 with a PCT Top Teams Launch Conference (click for Programme)

Presentations from the Launch Conference

Commissioning Challenges for PCTs - shared learning and thoughts from the Southern Cambridgeshire health system Sally Hind, Chief Executive South Cambridgeshire PCT

Strategic Commissioning Ian Tibbles & Neil Wilson, PACT Consultancy

Turning Ideas into Action, Julia Ross, NatPaCT Associate Director

Leadership Edna Robinson, Chief Executive, Salford Primary Care Trust, National Lead, Chief Executive’s Network, NatPaCT


3 potential interconnecting strands of work

  • Protected Time to Think: thinking through system reform
  • Developing PCT Commissioning for system reform
  • Achieving Clinician involvement & developing Clinical leadership for system reform

Background Information

Download Background Information as a Word Document

Potential programme for the Kent and Medway Learning Network from January 2004

1. Protected time:

  • to think through system reforms
  • vision locally & for K&M
  • practical application: work on the implications for services
  • learn from others







Learning Network




Learning Network




Learning Network



Top Teams ‘Launch’ event : Vision locally in K&M; re-shaping the local service map over 3-5 years+; ‘must do’ factors; what does it add up to in terms of PCT changed focus & roles?

Time to fully absorb the strands & interconnections of system reform; what this means for PCT roles & focus; identify gaps between current situation & new demands; working through how to tackle this through building capacity in commissioning,& clinical leadership

PCT-based support (locally determined): Introducing, making sense of the reforms and implications for the PCT, it’s services and organisation (PEC members, clinical leads, service managers)

Health Economy-based support (locally determined): Making sense of the reforms and implications for the Local Health Economy, it’s services and organisation (Service leaders and senior managers)

2. Developing PCT Commissioning:


Commissioning ‘what & how’: What is commissioning; how to commission effectively (key principles & approaches) what does it mean for our approach; what key roles & capacity needs to be in place in PCTs & across the system? (commissioners, PCT top team members)

Lead/Host commissioning: What does it mean to be a lead/host commissioner? What systems need to be in place to make this work from the ‘lead’ & ‘local’ viewpoints; how to do this in the new era - implications for existing arrangements (lead commissioners, PCT clinicians, top team members)

Commissioning effectively in your local system: what does it mean to be effective in commissioning in our PCT/HE area? How to do this in the new era? Implications for local partners, patients, providers? How to make clinical sense of financial reforms? Trialling new system reform routes with clinical pathways (lead commissioners, clinical leads, finance)


3. Clinical involvement and clinical leadership:

Involving clinical leads in learning network : Potential involvement of clinical leaders in:

  • Top team time– PEC Chairs & other members of PEC
  • Other ‘protected time’
  • Care pathway-based trials of system reform implications:
  • Care pathway-based programme(s): Accelerate and project manage the development of particular care pathways to explore the implications and potential of the system reforms for service development/change (clinical leads, commissioning leads, multi-disciplinary)
      • Targeted projects involving clinical leaders: combining change projects with clinical leadership development across particular client care groups in the context of system reforms
      • Care group or service focus; multi-disciplinary; local Health Economy-based; spanning primary and secondary care
      • Targeted at clinicians in leadership (formal and informal) and change managers across a particular care area e.g. CHD pathway, children’s services, older people’s services; combining personal and professional development on leadership with change projects in the context of system reform


Learning Network diagnostics

What to avoid:

What is wanted:

  • Duplicating existing networks
  • ‘Not just another workshop’
  • Excess of content – (people feel they can’t absorb or apply it)
  • ‘Too many days out’
  • Learning sets & learning groups
  • Too much use of face-to-face, where electronic/multi-media meetings & learning tools would be more time-efficient
  • Time to stand back & think; enough face-to-face & PCT-team time
  • Really applied thinking to needs & issues of local patch
  • Useable volume of content, with practical do-able actions
  • Inspiration & learning from others at the right times (e.g. local first informed by national expertise)
  • Facilitated project work/thinking, with learning as a by-product of doing
  • Work taken forward in other relevant forums (eg existing networks/groups)
  • Work out how to really engage clinicians





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