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Action Learning is at the heart of the Transformational Change Programme - a two year programme that commenced in April 2003.

The original aim of the programme was to involve all 303 PCTs in an action learning set model that would contribute to, and support transformational change. The target was to achieve 100 action learning sets by 2005, each expected to run for 12 months with a membership of six people made up from senior managers and clinical members from three different PCTs. Initially it was planned for the process to be managed through a section of the NatPaCT website entitled ‘Get Set’ for Action Learning. 

In the summer of 2002, a joint programme team between NatPaCT and the Leadership Centre was established to procure the Action Learning Set Facilitators. NatPaCT holds responsibility for the programme and the Leadership Centre provides specialist advice and support. Fifteen facilitators were selected.

The aim of establishing 100 sets by 2005 remains, but since to sustain transformational change within an organisation, it is necessary to work with other organisations within the local system, the sets are now more organisationally mixed and managed through the teams and not the website.  This section of the website has been set up to act as a source of information for those taking part in the programme, to provide contact details or downloadable resources for example.

Although the programme started slowly it has gained momentum following the appointment in October 2003 of Jan Gibson, who is acting as Co-ordinator for the Transformational Change programme.

It has been proposed that the Programme and the Action Learning Sets still have an element of central management, but that the initiation of further sets for 2004/5, their strategic context and accountability are part of the decision process of NatPaCT regional Associate Directors.  A notional budget allocation has been made per strategic area in line with this new thinking. 

Future plans for Action Learning are to promote the establishment of new sets as a valuable tool to support the transformational change agenda surrounding key deliverables such as Orthopaedics and Out of Hours in local areas.  

Evaluation of the process so far has found that the sets can be made more successful by making them more geographically accessible by increasing the number of groups in any given area which will, in turn, mean that the participatns have a common interest in learning together to achieve local service delivery.

For further information - see board report from March 2004



Jan Gibson - Project Co-ordinator: National Transformational Change Action Learning Sets
0161 7432038

Angie Nisbet -
Programme Lead: National Transformational Change Action Learning Sets
0161 7432038
07958 490630



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