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Welcome to Clinicians in PCTs
  PEC Papers PCT Competencies: Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors; Allied Health Professionals


The importance of clinicians in PCTs  Key Resources

PCTs were established to allow clinicians to contribute their experience of service delivery to the planning and development of change, through involvement in the organisation’s management processes. Clinicians have a set of development needs that are unique to their role, whether they sit on the PEC or take part in other locality and committee structures.

NatPaCT has supported development initiatives to meet these needs as well as facilitating networking, spreading emerging and best practice across the primary care community. Through the clinical networks PEC leaders and PEC members have been offered development opportunities. Influencing forums have been established to put primary care clinicians into contact with policy-makers. PEC leaders have been involved in the programme to ensure that the whole offer of support from the Modernisation Agency makes sense at a local level.

This area of the website brings these strands together. As well as expanding the competencies required it identifies areas of success to share and spread.

By working together we can build upon all the gains of the last few years and ensure that as a leadership community we have greatest impact where most important.

Steve Feast, National Clinical Lead, NatPaCT




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