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National Primary Care Networks  

emerging from the national networks supported by NatPaCT for PCT Chief Executives, Chairs and PEC Chairs

Support to Network Members

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Child Protection Group

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Child Protection Group

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The National Primary Care Networks offer:

  • opportunities for PCT leaders to put their views directly to the Centre,avoiding second guessing of PCT views by others
  • an immediate channel canvassing PCTs (mainly via internet) for a range of stakeholders including DH policy makers and other national agencies
  • a means of assessing the 'mood' of PCTse.g. the PCT Barometer
  • a vehicle for promoting excellence and innovation by drawing clinical and managerial leaders together around a specific issue
  • a softer approach to managing change and improving performance, which complements formal command and control structures
  • the chance for individual leaders to grow, develop their contacts and expertise and get support in a wider pool of peers
  • opportunities to develop the next generation of leaders and influencers through our 'spotting talent' initiative
  • a means of quickly organising national events around a hot topic

The National Networks work virtually wherever possible with minimal infrastructure to support these outcomes

 Support to Network Members

A confidential helpline is available to Network members. This can take the form of:

  • Coaching including career development
  • Advice on performance issues
  • Participation in selection processes
  • Signposting to good practice in other areas etc.

For confidential help and advice you can speak directly to Edna Robinson on 0161 776 1991 Please note new telephone number 

For further details of activities and support, please contact Kathie Andrews 01962 825352 Please note new telephone number 

Expert Panels

The Networks are often asked to field 'experts' from the service on particular issues.For example, we are often asked to identify speakers for conferences, members for policy development forum, individuals to comment in the media on topics etc.

If you are a PCT leader with a special interest and would be happy to be nominated for any of the above opportunities on a hot topic then please let us know.We hope to identify a series of 'expert' panels so we can respond quickly to these requests.Please take the word 'expert' loosely, we all know that everyone can be extending their knowledge and expertise but that some are a few steps ahead of others in specific areas!

If you are interested in being on an expert panel for any of the following let us know:

  • Practice based commissioning
  • Inequalities
  • Partnership in Collaborative Working with other agencies

Or if you have another area of special interest you are happy to share with others, again let us know at


Forthcoming Events

 Who's who  

Edna Robinson, Chief Executives' Network, Lead, National Networks


Steve Feast, National Clinical Lead


Peter Melton, PEC Chairs’ Network

Ian Mather, PCT Chairs’ Network Lead, National Networks  
Sandra Ingham, Business Manager  

Please note new telephone number  01962 825352



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