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 Updated Improvement Leaders Guides (27-04-2005)  full article

New publications from the Modernisation Agency

 Expert action learning set advisors sought for Yorkshire (27-04-2005)  full article

Invitation to tender

 Promoting health and wellbeing through participation in adult learning (26-04-2005)  full article

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Learning is holding a series of one day events looking at how to promote health and well being through adult learning.

 Long Term Conditions risk prediction project will help PCTs (25-04-2005)  full article

A risk prediction project commissioned by 28 Strategic Health Authorities and the Modernisation Agency will help PCTs make predictions about their local long term conditions population.

 Health and Social Care Awards closing date 29 April (21-04-2005)  full article

16 categories; regional and national finals

 Barnsley PCT hosts first Regional Primary Care Education Conference - June 29 (21-04-2005)  full article

Deadline for submissions for abstracts May 6th

 Workforce Change in Long Term Conditions summary of progress (20-04-2005)  full article

The Workforce Change in Long Term Conditions pilot sites have produced a summary of their progress so far.

 Opportunities in Derby community health project (19-04-2005)  full article

Revive Healthy Living Centre project, led by Central and Greater Derby PCTs, is advertising opportunities.

 Improving Neurology Services - A Practical Guide (14-04-2005)  full article

The Action On Team have produced Action On Neurology, a guide to help those delivering services to people with neurological disorders.

 Shining light on GUM waiting times, chalmydia screening and healthy college pilots (13-04-2005)  full article

Sexual Health Information News Exchange April Newsletter

 Procurement: the official government exhibition and conference (13-04-2005)  full article

Get to grips with the latest in public sector purchasing: 21-22 June,2005, Earl's Court

 New NICE consults on regional teams and operating model (13-04-2005)  full article

Consultations close 13 May and 10 June

 National PwSI Awareness Conference at Central Cornwall PCT - 2nd March 2005 (13-04-2005)  full article

Presentations to download on local developments, Practice managers, impact assessment, and GPwSI progress

 Health and Social Care Information Centre (13-04-2005)  full article

Reducing the burden - improving public services with better health and social care information

 Further faster: keeping pace with reforms - Making use of the primary care tools (13-04-2005)  full article

NHS Confed event 28 April, LOndon

 Engaging Communities - final products of 3 years' learning (13-04-2005)  full article

Last Hubbub newsletter rounds up invaluable Health Inequalities, Choice, Long term conditions, whole systems, standards and networking lessons

 Developing the role of the Community Matron in case management - conference (13-04-2005)  full article

Experiences from Luton, Walsall, Castlefields and Hounslow

 Active travel on access to health care premises, and healthy workplaces (13-04-2005)  full article

Information sheets from Sustrans

 Interim ECLN contact details (06-04-2005)  full article

New email, phone, fax & address following closure of HFHT offices

 Health inequalities self assessment framework (06-04-2005)  full article

The ECLN have produced a framework to help PCTs assess their progress engaging communities to tackle health inequalities.

 Coming soon - NHS Networks (06-04-2005)  full article

Exciting initiative developed from this site launches later this month

 Practice Managers with Special Interests (05-04-2005)  full article

A new document on implementing a scheme for Practice Managers for Special Interests is now available.

 Developing Practitioners with a Special Interest (PwSI) Services (01-04-2005)  full article

NatPaCT Team's legacy, and future arangements

 New Workforce Change in Long Term Conditions manual (31-03-2005)  full article

The Workforce Change in Long Term Conditions team have produced a manual.

 Consultation on case management (31-03-2005)  full article

Skills for Health, working with the Modernisation Agency, has begun a consultation on case management.

 Revamped Primary Care Contracting website launched (30-03-2005)  full article

The revamped Primary Care Contracting website is now live.

 Fast Forward celebrates success in PCTs (23-03-2005)  full article

Fast Forward, the second in the Can Do! series, has been published, highlighting stories of success in nearly 200 PCTs around the country.

 Superannuation and Finance Event presentation (18-03-2005)  full article

North West event, 16 March

 Creating a patient-led NHS published - implications for PCTs (17-03-2005)  full article

Building on current shared commissioning to provide better analysis and simpler, professional contract management and administration, but leaving practices and PCTs in control

 The NatPaCT website was three years old yesterday (16-03-2005)  full article

User statistics show sturdy growth as monthly visitors top 45,000

 PwSI Document Map (16-03-2005)  full article

Compendium of documents from PCTs to support development of special interest ervices

 PPIFs to merge to one per PCT (16-03-2005)  full article

Govt response to Consultation

 Pharmaceutical Services Regulations 2005 and updating SSDPs by March 31 (16-03-2005)  full article

Ensuring inclusion of one-stop primary care centres

 New@NatPaCT takes Easter break - resumes April (16-03-2005)  full article

Revamped Primary care contracting site to open

 All things being equal... (16-03-2005)  full article

conferences to raise awareness of learning disability issues amongst Race Equalities Officers .

 Primary Care Neurology Society organises conference on the National Service Framework (15-03-2005)  full article

The Primary Care Neurology Society is holding its first national meeting in April.

 Pharmacy Opening Hours - DH and PSNC agree position (15-03-2005)  full article

Joint paper and notification form

 Organisational Design Toolkit to support internal debate (15-03-2005)  full article

Developed from National Primary Care Networks' Does Size Matter ?' event

 New Patient Group Directions Website (15-03-2005)  full article

The Patient Group Directions Website is now available from Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

 New Ophthalmic & Supplementary lists guidance plus Ophthalmic Regulations changes - Presentations (15-03-2005)  full article

Further regional events being planned for April


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